5 Reasons Natural Shades May Be Right for You.

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When I say “natural shades,” what comes to mind? Is it the heavy, multi-colored woven wooden shades of the past that immediately make you think of the 1970’s? I have good news. Today’s natural shades bear NO resemblance to those from decades ago.

Designers are turning to natural shades more and more and it’s easy to see why.


The beauty of natural shades comes from the natural elements they are made from. They are an elegantly casual way to add texture to any room.

As is true of all design choices, natural shades are right for many, but not for all. In this article, we’re highlighting five reasons why natural shades might be the right choice for your home.

1 – Natural shades bring the outdoors in.

Spending time in nature feeds us in many ways. Breathing fresh air, spending time walking, hiking, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature are good ways to relax and recharge. In the Lake Norman area, we are surrounded by natural beauty. Do you enjoy spending time relaxing on Lake Norman in Cornelius, Mooresville or Denver? Or maybe you’re a golfer and can be found on a local course in Huntersville or Davidson? So many of our neighbors enjoy exploring our local greenways on foot or by bicycle.

Modern life demands that many of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Natural shades allow you to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home.


2 – Natural shades are earth-friendly.

“Going green” is more than a trend. For many, it’s a way of life. From electric cars to solar powered lighting, environmentally friendly products have become part of our everyday lives.

Natural shades bring “green” to window treatments. The materials in natural shades are sourced, harvested, and hand-selected from renewable resources. Enjoy the beauty – and sustainability – of woven wood shades and bamboo shades.


3 – Natural shades offer one-of-a-kind beauty.

If you like discovering unique items for your home – or your wardrobe – consider natural shades when it comes to your window treatments. Just like buying a new jacket at your favorite out-of-the-way boutique means making a fashion statement that won’t be repeated by your friends and neighbors, woven wood or bamboo shades give you the chance to frame your windows in a way that is uniquely yours.

No two organic materials are exactly the same. This means no two natural shades are exactly alike, either. This uniqueness allows natural shades to reflect the story or your home and your style through their exclusive design elements. These variations bring additional beauty to your shades.

If you are a perfectionist and struggle to see the beauty in minor imperfections, natural shades may not be the best choice for you. More uniform options like shutters, blinds, or roller shades may better suit your needs. We’re happy to help with those, too.


4 – Natural shades offer flexibility in light control.

Are you looking for window coverings that offer light filtering, privacy, or room darkening? Natural shades can provide all three. Various materials and weaves allow for light filtering solutions while allowing for some view of the outdoors and plenty of natural light during the day.

Natural shades can be lined with light filtering or room darkening lining. These liners can be attached or operable, providing you with a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Available liners take natural shades from light filtering to nearly blackout, making them a particularly good solution for media rooms and bedrooms.

5 – Natural shades complement nearly any design style.

Natural shades are a favorite of designers for a lot of reasons. They’re incredibly versatile and can be found in a wide variety of homes. So whether your style is traditional, transitional, coastal, contemporary, or casual, consider natural shades for your window covering needs.

Classic Roman or Looped Roman shades work well with traditional decor. If you prefer a more modern look, standard or old style Roman shades feature clean lines and a classic flat panel that work beautifully in contemporary homes. Choose shades with or without valances to suit your style. See more examples from some of our featured vendors:

Interested in natural shades for your home?

There are more than five reasons to love natural shades. They are available in a wide variety of options at different price levels to suit your Lake Norman area home. If bringing the outdoors in and using earth-friendly materials in your home are important to you, we would love to help you explore the world of natural shades.

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